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February 4th, 2011

Blogger Dob In!

A few weeks ago, we asked our Facebook community to tell us their favourite blogs, the ones they just *have* to read. This little shout out had a huge response, and since then – we have fallen in love with so many of the blogs. And so we don’t forget them, here they are:

The Mom Informed: “This blog is for expecting moms and moms to children up to age five. It is a collection of web links, articles and studies all in one place for moms find information on anything they are concerned about. Mostly all natural parenting..(Nursing, Attachment Parenting, Gentle Parenting and Natural Childbirth)”

Mama Notes: “How do I define myself in a short paragraph? Know this: My name is Samantha. I have two boys who keep me busy. I live near the North Pole. I love Jesus. I love chocolate more than any human should. I like Target and country music. I’m one of those baby wearing-baby food making- cloth diapering-rocking your kid to sleep type of moms. I think my children are really really cute. And yes, we will have another. If I could describe my life in one word it would be BLESSED.”

NZBabyMcB: Follow Jess’s pregnancy as she prepares for her newest arrival (in fact she may have already given birth!).

Enjoying the Small Things: This blog is written by Kelle Hampton and has quickly become a BIA favourite. Kelle is an enormously talented mumma, with real style and the loveliest little girls, Lainey and Nella. We visit each day at the moment, just to find out what she’s up to.

Last January, Kelle gave birth to Nella, who she soon discovered had Down Syndrome. In her words: “My world was rocked to the core, and I was sure life as I knew it was over.
How wrong I was.  Between the outpouring of love and support we received, some hardcore life analysis and therapeutic insights I made on this blog through it all, I have arrived at the very beautiful place of Life is hard.  But it’s also amazing, and I will rock the hell out of it.” Visit this blog!

Candy’s Family: In Candy’s words: “In a nutshell… I consider myself a ‘jack of all trades’, there isn’t much I haven’t had to learn to do ;) I am also a mother of seven kids, yes seven. All offers of buying us a television will be taken seriously. I am recently ‘retired’ from law enforcement so I can better enforce the law at home, rather than on the street. Two of our beautiful children have Autism, a son who is on the spectrum as severe and a daughter who is moderate to mild. Recently a third child of our was given a provisional diagnosis of Autism, and we’re still in the process of assessment with him. I imagine that this blog will become an outlet for my ramblings about autism, child rearing, country living or whatever takes my fancy. And hopefully it will be amusing for some?”

Huffed and Puffed: In Vic’s words “I am an insatiable opshopper, unfaithful crafter & sporadic artist. I have the pleasure of mothering the coolest little kid in the world, Punky, aka Miss Punkerella, Pumpkin Head, Punkaroo… you get the idea. Her Daddy calls her Pinchy, so with all that & her actual name, she may very well be confused”.

Good Food Wholefood: Written by one of the Babes in Arms Facebook “likers” Charlotte describes herself as “Mum to a busy 2 year old. Remedial massage therapist. Almost finished student naturopath. We shop at farmer’s markets every weekend and take pride in building relationships with the farmers and growers, and knowing the origin of our food.”  Check out her blog about *yummy* food!

Harlan and Me: Written by another Babes in Arms “liker” to document her adventures with her bub. In her words: “I am mum to a baby boy, born 28th September 2008. His daddy, two dogs, a cat, a gecko and a hamster share the house with us! I’m constantly learning how to be a better mummy.”

Colour Me Katie: Katie writes about her adventures with her little family. Read her letter to daughter Annie to celebrate her first birthday – you’ll shed a tear I’m sure (It’s super sweet).

Planning with Kids: Nominated by on of our fans, this blog is written by Nicole. In her words “My real name is Nicole Avery and I have a beautiful husband and five very unique and amazing children aged 12, 9, 7 (only girl!), 4 and almost two. We live in an inner eastern suburb of Melbourne – the best city in Australia! I love my family. I love nothing more than to whip up a quick spreadsheet, to make life easier and more enjoyable for us. I passionately believe in equality and peace and try to teach my children this through life experiences.I love music, mainly of the non main stream variety. Genres I love include pop indie, country, folk, and electronica. I love politics and the process of democracy. When I have the time, I volunteer with an organisation which gets me closer to the action. I have been writing at Planning With Kids since January 2008. If you are looking for a place to investigate the blog further, head to my Where To Start page. It will give you a taste of what I write about here and what readers have liked!”

A Bunch of Keys: A blog written by Narelle to follow her family adventures. In her words: “I’m a SAHM to two gorgeous kiddies, Jacob who is 4 and Esme who is 2. We also have another little one on the way! Prior to having kids, I was a special education teacher, working in a school for students with physical and multiple disabilities. Now my time is taken up raising my two children and volunteering for the Australian Breastfeeding Association where I am a breastfeeding counsellor. We are doing our best to raise our kids in a way that responds to their needs and respects our environment. We are proud to practice sling wearing, co-sleeping, demand feeding, cloth nappying, elimination communication and home-birthing”.

A shout out to: Mrsladymum; Loving This Journey; Far Mama and Together Parenting which we will spotlight in our next Blogger Dob In!

Watch out for our next blog call out on Facebook. You may find yours featured right here!

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