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August 4th, 2010

The FAKE ERGObaby Site Bounty

Have you been out and about perusing baby carrier stores and come across an ERGObaby carrier that just doesn’t look right? The potential danger of these carriers is real and we would like your help in stamping out these substandard products.

Today we introduce you to the Fake ERGObaby Bounty! Report a fake ERGObaby site by leaving a comment below AND in our discussion thread on Facebook and you will be rewarded with a TWO sets of BabyLegs of your choosing IF the site is verified as fake and is yet to be reported (we will keep a list here on our blog under “Fake ERGObaby Bounty -Reported Sites“). **

So how do you spot a fake ERGO?

This is the rule of thumb: anything that is claiming to be new WITH a DVD is FAKE (ERGObaby carriers were sold with DVDs in the past, but have been phased out)! There are other tell tale signs too but this is the easiest. The fabric is also different but hard to spot in pics. The body of the carrier is narrower in fakes but again hard to spot. The biggest difference and the biggest risk is what you CAN’T SEE – the lack of safety accreditation, the use of buckles and webbing (critical to the product’s integrity and safety) which are sub standard (as I saw last week with a woman’s broken waist belt on her fake ERGObaby!) The potential cost FAR outweighs any small financial saving made!!

So are you ready to start hunting?

**not including eBay sellers- we are on this 😉

ADD: Sites will be verified on Monday of each week. We thank you for your patience.

BabyLegs will be awarded to verified reports up until September the 10th, 2010. After this date, all reports will be goodwill.

12 Responses to “The FAKE ERGObaby Site Bounty”

  1. Narelle says:


    Both sites registered by the same person on the same date (July 5, 2010).

  2. Carolyn says:

    seems too good to be true…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I got sucked in. My ‘ergo’ arrived today. Definitely fake. Not holding out much hope of getting money back.

  4. Carly T says:

    I found this: http://perth.gumtree.com.au/c-Stuff-for-Sale-baby-maternity-kids-stuff-baby-carriers-bassinettes-ERGO-Baby-Carrier-BNIB-JJR-W0QQAdIdZ226110226

    Ad ID 226110226 on Gumtree (Perth). Seems slightly dodgy as it says it is brand new in box then goes on to say its the best carrier she has used for her daughter. Plus it comes with a DVD. Packaging also looks strange…

  5. Linley says:

    Hi, these seem really cheap http://www.goosybaby.com.au/on-the-go.html (and are out of stock)
    Are they selling the real deal or are they fakes? I can’t find them listed on the Ergo site.

  6. bailey says:

    Does every single Ergo carrier have the Ergo logo on the zipper? Mine does not, did I get a fake?

  7. I noticed a fake ergo for sale on ebay with incorrect product name, incorrect packaging and incorrect website on the packaging. There selling acessories as well as the carrier. The item number was 200561626997. It looks like the person is selling it second hand, so maybe they were sucked into buying a fake and are now trying to on sell it.

  8. J says:

    I wish I had seen this article about 2 weeks ago. I purchased an Ergo on Ebay (not knowing about the scam) and am sad to realize it is a fake. I filed a report with e-bay, and hopefully will get my $$ back. I’m embarrassed I didn’t research further & pray I get my money back so that I can get an ACTUAL Ergo from an authenticated dealer. So frustrated right now. The seller says she didn’t know it wasn’t real & is supposed to refund me tomorrow. If I get my $ back, I will promptly be ordering one from an accredited seller.

  9. Clea says:

    I just bought one through


    I have a feeling I have just been scammed? No order confirmation came through just a weird visa email..

    anyone know of this one?

  10. Leah says:

    Which website Amy? You can forward me the details at community@babesinarms.com.au

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