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July 19th, 2010

A Little MTV Influence Perhaps?


Way back in 2005, just 3 years after ERGObaby was established in Hawaii, MTV introduced a new TV show to their line up which was hosted by the rapper Xzibit – “Pimp My Ride”.  We know, we know….not exactly (or even close to) a babywearing program, but hang on for a moment….we are leading somewhere fun!

The premise of the program was to take a regular, everyday (slightly rundown) car and customise it into a one of a kind masterpiece. Do you see where we’re heading yet? What was fun about Pimp My Ride was that each car was customised to reflect the personalities and interests of the owners, and they all looked great.

We have taken this basic idea and played with it a little to come up with a fun competition for July/August. Can you guess what we want you to do?

PIMP MY ERGO….baby! (not literally of course)

What we want you to do is use your skills to create an ERGObaby carrier that reflects your personality and style. This is a time to activate your imagination. You can create your own colour palette that you think the ERGO range should adopt; patterns; accessories….whatever you want. The only thing is…the ERGObaby must retain it’s original structural shape.

You can describe the tweaks in writing, through a drawing, a video….anyway you want (just please don’t actually send us an actual ERGObaby).  You can submit written descriptions through the comment section below; however, all pictures, videos or attachments will need to be emailed to us directly at community@babesinarms.com.au or uploaded to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/babesinarms.com.au

And the prize? Your pick of our brand new Performance ERGObaby carriers landing in Australia in September. You could be one of the first in Australia to carry your baby in the new range Performance carriers!

Here is a blank ERGObaby for you to get started on! (just save and print)

Terms & Conditions

Full Terms & Conditions:

A. This activity closes at midnight August 31, 2010 (EST)
B. A Performance ERGObaby will be awarded to the winner, valued at $199.00 (introductory ofeer of $189.00 for 2010) 

C. Winners will be chosen by Babes in Arms.
D. Winners must meet ALL eligibility criteria to win
E. Winners will be notified via our BLOG and Facebook and must respond in 14 days
E. Only legitimate comments will be accepted.
F. Babes in Arms reserves the right to deem any entry invalid
G. This competition is only open to residents of Asia Pacific.
H. This giveaway is for Babes in Arms fans only. Comments that self-promote stores or products will not be accepted as eligible, and will be removed
I. The prize will be sent to the winner on it’s general release to the public in September 2010

7 Responses to “A Little MTV Influence Perhaps?”

  1. Lauren Norton says:

    Woo Hoo! Best comp ever…I am not particularly good at this kinda thing (but will give it a damn good go anyway). Can’t wait to see what people come up with. Absolutely brilliant idea.

  2. Lisa Abejja says:

    oooohhh this sounds FUN!!

  3. Amy Phair says:

    I think a nice purple coloured one would be fantastic, and maybe one with some really lovely patterns on it… i also love bright red… can we enter more than once? Or put more than one idea in an entry? I have SO many things I could think of.

  4. Jodie says:

    I love my Ergo just how it is though

  5. Laura Innes says:

    One last little idea to enter.
    An Ergo with detatchable sleep hoods, so you can jazz up your plain coloured Ergo to suit your outfit or mood!
    A different look each time without having to spend big bucks on multiple carriers.
    You could have solid colours, and also printed hoods.eg. polka dots, flowers, stars, cow-print, lovehearts, stripey, etc
    You could even have slogans, ‘baby wearer on the move’, ‘ergobaby on board’, ‘wide load’ etc
    He he, could be fun. :)

  6. Kirsten says:

    I think this is an awesome imaginative competition. I like the idea of detachable backing for different colours but also a rain protected cover for the outdoors.

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